display capture showing black screen

  1. Kisae

    Display Problem ? I don't get it

    Okay so until today i was on W10 and on 27.4 version of OBS and all was going smoothly. I tried the update to W11 and was hoping to finally make the updates for OBS but it seems that the problem i had back when i was trying updating the software cames back too. See by yourself: My menu is...
  2. O

    Game Capt., Display Capt., and others show a black screen when in use.

    Hello, this problem has been occurring for little over a year now, and I have tried about everything. Using "alternated" versions, completely uninstalling OBS, manipulating the settings and whatnot. I have transformed it properly, so it cannot be a positioning problem. The microphone, desktop...
  3. Wilzzu

    Is there a way to capture display by monitor ID?

    I have 3 monitors and when playing a game I usually disconnect the other two with a external program. This sometimes switches the display order in the display capture list and the final recording results in a black screen, because it's trying to record a display that is actually disconnected. Is...
  4. R

    Question / Help Display capture Black screen issue - I looked in the thread already

    Hello, So I have a HP gaming laptop windows 10 with two graphics cards (intel and NVIDIA) Usually if i right click and select integrated graphics when I'm trying to record something not in game it will work fine but I'm having issues now with it just giving me a black screen I've tried the...
  5. mp123

    Bug Report Blank 'display capture' screen after updating to 25.0.8

    Yesterday upgraded OBS to version 25.0.8 (64 bit) onto Windows 10 laptop. After doing so, 'Display capture' that had previously shown the desktop screen went blank (black). 'Window capture' and 'Video capture device' sources both works fine. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success...
  6. sjyzhxw

    Bug Report Display capture is grey/black

    Hey guys, I have installed OBS 25.0.8 on my Windows 10 machine today, however I am not able to capture my display. I have done some search on the Internet, and people suggest run OBS with integrated GPU. I have tried that method but no luck for me. Is there anything else that I should check...
  7. W

    Question / Help My OBS can't read Zoom meeting anymore

    At first, I was quite happy using OBS on my laptop to stream my Zoom meeting on social media as an online conference, but later on, my OBS can't read the meeting screen anymore like the way it can't work for the display capture. I'd be quite happy if it could restore like the way I did.
  8. cthulusaurus

    Question / Help Can't record laptop display without enabling Intel HD Graphics?

    So I have an ASUS GL553V laptop, which has an Intel I7 with integrated HD Graphics, as well as an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. These two interfere with each other to the point that my laptop will only boot if the Intel Graphics are disabled. I have the most updated drivers, but if I enable the Intel...
  9. X

    Question / Help Display Capture

    Im very new to OBS Studio and Im having a bit of trouble with the display capture. Yesterday, it was working very well, but when I went to OBS Studio today, it wouldn't show my screen on display capture, only my webcam view. I was wondering if any of you have a solution, or advice. (it only...
  10. M

    Question / Help OBS Display Capture showing black screen after selecting either high performance Nvidia process or integrated graphics?

    My OBS studio display capture is showing black screen. I can record voice but not video. I tried everything, watched many videos on YouTube, read many already posted threads here and reinstalled OBS for 5 times but nothing worked. I switched between high performance Nvidia process or integrated...