discord virtual camera not working

  1. E

    Virtual Camera Issues - 27.1.3

    First, let me say that I am new to the OBS world and to streaming in general for that matter, so I'm sure that at least some of what I am experiencing is user error but for the sake of finding an answer, what does it hurt to ask? I have an older iMac that is currently running the latest and...
  2. Eddisch

    discord virtual cam not working

    hello I try to use the virtual cam in discord but it just shows that the cam loads what can I do
  3. SelfLabyrinth1

    OBS virtual camera not working on Discord

    I am having a problem with the virtual camera using it alongside Discord. I have recorder a video which you can watch below by pressing the link (will redirect on a google drive page) below that showcases my problem. I have tried looking for tutorials or other people that stumbled on such...