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    Heavy GPU usage of OBS, especially the task: "Desktop window manager" even with a 4080?

    Hey, I installed OBS completely fresh and didn't set any effects or anything, just my audio from my microphone and game recording. I first recorded with the quality options set and the GPU utilization was at 100% even though the game "Forza Horizon 5" didn't even take up 10%. I have attached the...
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    Starke GPU Ausnutzung von OBS insbesondere der Task: "Desktopfenster-Manager" trotz 4080?

    Hey hab OBS komplett frisch installiert und keine Effekte oder sonstiges eingestellt sondern lediglich meine Audio von meinem Mikro und Spielaufnahme. Ich habe zuerst aufgenommen mit eingestellen Quali optionen und die GPU Ausnutzung war auf 100% obwohl das Spiel "Forza Horizon 5" nichtmal 10%...
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    Question / Help Crash and no file!! Huge work loss

    Hello everyone. Sorry I don't post a log, but there isn't any. I'm using OBS Studio to capture via hardware (ElGato), and it's been working flawlessly except for two times. (It's a rig exclusively used to record. System load never exceeds 50% either in the CPU or graphics card). First incident...