desktop mic audio sync issues

  1. F

    Connecting OBS with Zoom without AV syncing issues

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the 1,000th post about audio and video syncing issues but I have been trying to address them for three days without any luck. I primarily use OBS to capture video from my digital camera to use in video conference calls on Zoom. I do not record or stream. There is a ~500ms...
  2. Y

    Question / Help Streaming to Twitch With an Elgato Thru OBS. When Mic is On, Desktop Audio Stops.

    i am trying to stream my xbox one with a elgato hd60 capture card through obs. I have my capture card setup in obs and its working fine. But whenever i add my mic i cant hear my desktop audio at all. its still picking it up but its not playing for anything and i only have one mic and one set...
  3. M

    Question / Help mic and desktop audio problem

    So I have a headset I connect to my pc and it has a mic but when I go to record obs will only capture my mic audio or the desktop audio what should I do to fix so it captures both?? Also when I go into obs and make sure my mic audio is set to the headset the desktop audio is cut off but then...
  4. inadub

    Question / Help Audio Sync issues

    Hey guys after reading some posts I found info that seemed like it would help and tried some changes, but they seemed to completely crash my stream so I reset back to default but am still having a slight audio sync issue. So really quick I use an ElgatoHD to connect my PS4 to my PC that OBS is...