1. D

    Audio is cut off at the start and end of a clip

    The moment I press "start recording", I expect to hear my voice immediately during the whole video clip until I hit "stop recording". But my voice delays at the start and also my last word in the recording gets cut off midway in the exported video. I did make sure I said the last word completely...
  2. Liminal_Seer

    Game capture delay on scene transitions

    Hello, When transitioning to a game capture scene there is about a 2-second delay between when the transition completes and the game footage starts to be displayed. Before that there's just a black background. My issue seems to be the same or similar to the one discussed in this thread, however...
  3. M

    iPad Game audio to my headset is delayed

    So far I think i got everything working good the recordings sound good with game sound n mic. But idk how to actually hear my game in real time as I play without a sec delay. Idk where to plug my headset in to the pc or to my capture card adaptor? I only get sound when hooked into the 3.5mm on...