custom browser docks

  1. ShamanInCap

    Ubuntu 23.04. Custom docks missing

    So, Ubuntu 23.04 released. I upgraded from 22.10 this morning. OBS was installed through official PPA. No Lunar (23.04) yet, so i re-enabled Kinetic package. Everything works, except Twitch login and custom docks. Will this be fixed? Oh, and i'm using Kubuntu 23.04, Xorg
  2. R

    The OBS Studio 28.0.1 are without the Custom Browser Docks in Ubuntu 22.04.

    I installed OBS Studio through the Ubuntu repository (via apt) and downloaded version 28.0.1 of OBS, but the "Custom Browser Docks" option does not appear in the OBS tabs. Can someone help me? I need to use the animated lower thirds plugin in OBS, but without the Custom Browser Docks...
  3. D

    Scene Banner 1.0

    This browser source dock displays the Program and Preview scene names in a banner above the respective scenes. It automatically adapts to studio mode and can be customized for different OBS layouts and to enable several "helper" buttons. The source is HTML/Javascript, so it probably works on...
  4. azile

    Custom docks are not saved on restart of program

    Hi! My obs has been kinda quirky lately and not been saving custom docks besides a chat one I had made when I first got it.I can set up my docks and everything but whenever OBS is closed, on next launch all custom browser docks are gone.
  5. EricE549

    delete browser dock

    how do i delete a browser dock i created?
  6. S

    OBS Browser Docks Disappearing

    Whenever I add a browser dock into OBS, it shows up and works properly ONLY for that session of OBS. Whenever I close OBS and reopen it, the browser docks disappear and I have to re-add them. This never used to be the case, however, it has been happening to me for the past couple of months. Are...