1. Yui_cake

    Excuse me please, could you help me with the OBS crash?

    I just can't get into OBS - it crashes right away.
  2. P

    Question / Help macOS Mojave streaming crush

    Hello. Does anybody knows, what the problem could be? Today I was streaming about 1,5h and it was perfect. In 4 hours I start streaming again, with the same settings and streaming have crushed — only red signal instead of green. But the internet speed is good, wired and stable. I reload my...
  3. T

    Question / Help AMD rx580 keeps on crushing

    I am trying to encode with a radeon rx580. My setup is two screens one via HDMI the other via VGA to HDMI adapter. No matter what plugins I install ( amf) no matter what settings I choose ( h265, h264, hevc, avc) it just keeps crushing when I try to stream or record, no difference. I am not...