crash file

  1. trickyslip

    OBS 3.0.2 Crashing on M2 MacBook Air -> Facebook Live

    When pressing the "Start Streaming" button, OBS 3.0.2 periodically crashes. This is when configured to stream to Facebook Live. It doesn't crash every time, and if I keep trying (restarting OBS and then pressing the Start Streaming button), it eventually works, and the stream is successful...
  2. K

    OBS Crashing even after Windows reset when trying to import last known scenes/sources

    I've performed a Windows reset to make sure nothing else is causing my problems. As of 1/3/2023 I was unable to open OBS without it crashing. After my reset and re-installing OBS, it works until I attempt to import my old scenes/sources. I can upload another version of scenes/sources that was...
  3. R

    closing OBS crashes obs?

    Hey so I've got a bit of a weird situation going on. OBS "crashes" everytime I close it, I'm checking the log files here but the issues listed never really affected OBS at all until today. OBS seems to run just fine when it's open, no changes or spikes of audio buffering or cpu usage, so I'm not...
  4. J

    OBS crashing when switching to imported scene collection

    I just reinstalled obs after resetting my pc and was successfully able to import my profile and scene collections but when I switch to the imported scene collection obs crashes. I'm not actively streaming or anything so I'm not sure what is causing the crash especially when all the files and...
  5. W

    OBS crashing everytime after 1,5h of usage

    Everytime i stream anything or start recording after 1,5h it will definetly crash. Tried installing obs new, updated windows and everything around it. CPU Ryzen 7 5800x GPU Radeon RX6700XT. THX for reading and hopfully helping
  6. wells1013

    Three crashes in one day

    One of them crashed after changing the rate
  7. L

    OBS CRASH almost every day at Starting and On Live

    I've been having this problem for months. When I start OBS it crashes almost every day a couple of times. Once it starts without crashing I start the stream and sometimes everything freezes for about 5 seconds and when it comes back, all the browser sources are not visible. Any help here?
  8. J

    OBS crashes at Installation and I don't know what to do

    Hello, I tried everything I found on the Internet, uninstall and reinstall, update my graphics and processor drivers, turned off windows gaming mode, updated DirectX, Allowed OBS in Windows Firewall, changed OBS Compatibility. Im not a very techy guy, so I really don't know what else to do. Can...
  9. N

    OBS Crashed several times at day and anothers no

    I have the following configuration: I9 9900k 48GB ram DDR4 GTX 3070 I am attaching the logs and crash files for yesterday after that I could stream for 4h without problem. Could someone help to understand the error here? Thanks in advice
  10. E

    OBS Studio Crash Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 200000018 ((null))

    i've justed alt tab and the obs crashed, when i tried to open again, does crashed again and again.
  11. D

    OBS crash at start

    Greetings comrades. Today catch a problem that OBS crashing at start. If i delete all settings from %appdata% OBS works fine, but i have many scenes and settings what i dont want to lose. Can you tell me pls what can be the problem. Thank you for your help and tips.
  12. C

    OBS Crash Analyzer not working

    Howdy, My OBS continually crashes and the analyzer will not tell me what is wrong do y'all have any suggestions?
  13. M

    OBS has crashed!

    Hi, my OBS crashes everytime I want to close it. You may think "well.. you don't have to worry 'cause you literally want to close it", and you would be completely right, but my custom browser panels get lost everytime :( I have a LOT of plugins and effects, so I can't afford to lose all my...