1. A

    Paste (Duplicate) and Paste (Reference) are the same, why?

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a TTRPG stream overlay. I make one "player" with text, border for camera input, and name. Why, WHY, is it that when I copy-paste (duplicate) any changes I make to any of the duplicates OR THE ORIGINAL apply to all? I thought this was what paste Reference was...
  2. norihiro

    Asynchronous Source Duplication 0.4.1

    Introduction This plugin provides a duplicated source of an asynchronous source. Asynchronous filters cannot be applied to a scene or a group. That means you cannot have one source as two scene-items with and without the asynchronous filter. For example, you want to have two sources; one is a...
  3. L

    TAKE DOWN Nitro Screen Recorder Pro Studio

    Hi, I saw that a program called 'Nitro Screen Recorder Pro Studio' was $19 off at the Microsoft Store. So, I decided to download it (It was free a couple of days ago, now $0.99), and I opened it to find that it is seemingly an exact copy of your program, just with their name stuck on it and...
  4. jueGAME

    Bug Report solved !

    ------------------ SOLVED ! ----------------- Log file -> Hi guys. I updated to the lastest version of OBS, and I am having issues executing the next tasks: - When I copy a source (copy-> copy (duplicated) and I try to pasted in a different...