1. josquare20

    Cannot connect to RTMP Server

    I am using OBS to stream to my custom RTMP server. I have triple-checked my server URL and stream key. Here's what the OBS log gives me -: 12:14:40.865: Unhandled: rtmp:// 12:14:40.865: NetConnection.Connect.Rejected 12:14:40.871: rtmp server requested close 12:14:40.871...
  2. Crimonit

    some server connection issues

    Hi. Do you guys have any idea what's wrong? I tried to launch a stream, but bitrate stays low or spikes for 1 sec and goes down. As you can see in the screenshot, sweden server has the best bandwidth, but quality is 0. What can i do? (also i want to mention that youtube on bitrate 6000 works...
  3. R

    Question / Help OBS Host not accepting in Android phone

    I download the OBS Remote app on my android phone It installed but opening app the first thing it ask is OBS Host. I entered the IP Address but it is unable to connect. Can any body please help me. Is OBS available in Pakistan?