1. Animalfalcon

    Problema de conexão

    Olá a todos. Deus abençoe. Não sei se é o local certo mas estou em busca de ajuda. Em nossa igreja fazemos a transmissão do culto ao vivo e temos um contrato de internet com link dedicado. Quando configuramos o micro da transmissão com os dados de ip fixo da operadora, o equipamento transmite...
  2. I

    Connect iPad to OBS to stream on Twitch

    ‍♀️ hi! Have someone ever experienced issues in connecting an iPad 2nd generation to OBS studio and stream with Twitch? The device doesn’t show up in the resource panel. Thanks!
  3. O

    Livestream disconnecting from YouTube ingest server

    I am having an issue with my livestream disconnecting, and dropping many frames 'due to network'. I have done a lot of research as to what are the ideal settings for streaming and I'll list them below. I stream for a church on Sunday morning, and I'll have a flawless stream for anywhere from 20...
  4. B

    Question / Help How to connect SONY HXR-MC88 to obs settings?

    So I got Sony HXR-MC88 and I got trouble while connecting to it. It doesn't have software like EOS Utility for EOS series. But while I connect via micro usb, it connect but showing folder with EULA text. I think the camera is connect but how I connect it to obs? I have tried HDMI output in...
  5. PippoLamaro

    Question / Help Error connecting twitch account in obs (0x80092013)

    --------------------------- Could not load feed original russian ( Не удалось загрузить канал ) --------------------------- Failed to upload channel information for Twitch original russian ( Не удалось загрузить информацию о канале для Twitch ) Failed to get text from...