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  1. B

    MW2 Crash when OBS ON

    Hi board ! I have a problem that I haven't been able to solve for weeks, after trying a lot of things. When I play MW2 (Multi or Warzone) with OBS on, the game crashes after a few minutes, or immediately, with a steam code 0x0000005 (0) N. The game only crashes when OBS is on, even without...
  2. R

    COD Warzone Stuttering

    Hello everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to find a fix for this. I hope you guys can help me: Whenever I set Warzone to game capture or display capture, the preview screen gets choppy, the recording comes out choppy and I don't even want to try going live. There is constant stuttering...
  3. B

    Warzone Lag whilst Streaming

    Hi. So I have been streaming Warzone for over a month now and have had an issue ever since I started. When I'm not streaming Warzone my game runs super smooth at around 100 FPS, and when I start streaming my game runs fine. However after playing a few games my game takes a complete U-turn...
  4. R

    New Streamer having sound issues only in Warzone

    Hi, I am a new streamer and I am having sound issues in Warzone only when OBS or StreamLabs OBS are running. Every minute (give or take 30 seconds) the sound will cut out for 2-3 seconds. I can speak and others can hear me but I can't hear anything. If I am streaming CSGO, Minecraft, King of...
  5. K

    Warzone feeling laggy while streaming

    Hey there! I have googled my problem multiple times and haven't found an answer, that's why I am trying my luck here. Problem: While streaming with OBS Streamlabs CoD Warzone feels laggy, while having good frames (around 100-120 which feels smooth to me normally - without streaming I have around...
  6. S


    Hola que tal, a veces hago stream en obs de warzone, pero lo malo es que este me va a tirones o lag, pero en otros juegos como fornite no pasa, se ve fluido. Aquí se puede ver lo que comento Especificaciones: Procesador: amd ryzen 5 3400g Ram: 16 gb 2666...
  7. S

    Best YouTube settings for my rig..

    Hey there! In February, I got a better custom gaming PC (mainly for better gaming but also for STREAMING) and have been trying to get the OBS settings right for YouTube (and somewhat Twitch) but have had zero success every time I try and test stream. The output on YouTube ends up being blurry...
  8. S3kToR

    CoD WARZONE black screen on "Game Capture"

    Hello! My OBS does not capture CoD WARZONE in "Game Capture" on Windows 7 64bit it only captures it in "Display Capture" However, all my other games shows normally on Game Capture I tried the default troubleshoting (selecting window, minimizing and maximizing... etc) it just shows a black screen...
  9. S

    Question / Help Stream lags when streaming only COD Warzone!

    Hello guys last night i tryed streaming COD Warzone my game worked fine no FPS drops but on stream the game was very laggy and it was skipping frames. Any ideas how i can fix it. I attached the log file.Thnak you for your time!