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    OBS crashes when I minimize the window

    Hi, I am on the 27.0.1 version of OBS and I have one particular issue that has been bugging me for quite some time now. Whenever I minimize OBS' window, it closes by itself and has to be launched again for some reason. I do not have this issue with my laptop (which uses the same version)...
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    Question / Help Modern warefare 2019 Fix streamlabs/obs Discord

    OK, so I had the same problem. the F* up shit is Discord on my part here... So from the beginning discord opens up, then I open up my streamlabs then my game, he loads up the game everything fine, wanne switch screens or change something in graphics, it hangs... hmm ok searching on the web...
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    Question / Help OBS crashes during stream

    Hello, My OBS Studio will crash randomly while streaming; to which it is very frustrating. It simply closes with no messages or errors to my knowledge. It is my encoding PC for a two PC NDI set up. Build is a new Ryzen 3700X, I've included a DxDiag for the whole details there. I've tried messing...