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    Start in headless mode (--runinbackground no more available)

    Hello community, am intending to support OBS as an exxellent video-exporting tool for an Unity based animation-studio type of project because recording at realtime is required and (at least all free) Unity solutions are far too slow. OBS shall be used externally to comply with its copyleft...
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    Control Broadcast Manage from CLI

    Sorry it this is the wrong area to post this, I was not sure if it should go here or plugins or scripts. I am after a method to programmatically manage Broadcasts (the fields/settings below). Websocket or CLI or other, I am not too fussy. Does something exist?
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    Question / Help Need urgent help with command line

    I see there are documentation about how to use command line and I am super confused. My requirement is open OBS and start streaming. I have tried this plugin, and when I hit OBSCommand.exe /startstream I am getting just Error:Timeout in output...