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    Question / Help OBS/ElgatoHD60s/OBS link dropping stream audio randomly also zero chat audio

    What’s up everyone new here so bare with me. I just purchased an Elgato hd 60 s to use with my PS4 on OBS to stream my gameplay. After hooking everything up I tested my new setup with a recorded stream, not an actual live stream. When playing the recorded stream back I noticed almost right away...
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    Question / Help Audio/Mic issues streaming with Xbox to HD60pro

    Hey guys, I have come across a few issues when streaming to my PC using the internal HD60pro - when streaming I need to use a ChatLink cable in order to have the Xbox Party Chat. My issue is the ChatLink cable is picking up my voice from my headset mic and as far as I'm aware that's not supposed...
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    Question / Help Double Voice ( robot voice ) while steaming

    Hello I am using elgato hd60 pro and PS4 with Astro a40 headset for streaming I use obs studio and an extra rode usb mic I have connected everything correct with Chatlink Kabel from elgato I don’t have any other loops from game or anything else I only have my own voice doubled It is gone...