chat overlay

  1. S

    How to see chat over game. Linux

    If anyone is interested, I just found a way to overlay the chat on top of your game when you're streaming so that you can see your chat on Linux. You just have to pop-out the chat and then right click the top of the window and select "Always on Top" Idk why I didn't think of this before. The...
  2. sammieko

    Stream chats.. how do i put them intro my stream?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between of that‍♂️. got a question about stream chats, like i want to put in my stream itself the livechat what is going on below my stream… for example i take faceboo, since i stream there lately the most…how do i do this…. Without a weird platform...
  3. R

    Can we have a chat overlay feature like streamlabs?

    Hi, I stream using one monitor only and recently stream labs has realeased a feature that creates an in-game chat overlay so we could see chat on full-screen mode. I would really enoy something like that on OBS, i've tried some third party apps that do something similar like de restream solution...
  4. Kopiás Csaba

    Free StreamFixer - Helps streaming video conferences 2020-05-24

    Hi folks! I did not really found any good, free & easy to use way to stream video conferences with the flexibility of having every participant's stream separately in OBS. Thats why i have developed this extension, and now I'm happy to share it with everyone with the hope that it will help many...
  5. mattfima

    Question / Help WTB Multi chat tool, please help, no restream/castr/etc

    Hello, I am in seriously critical help. I need multi chat module, for my mobile app, or any app that has multichat and can be used in mobile, etc I need thing like Ubiquitous 2, just not from 2014... I need multi chat like restream does, in form of dedicated api/module I cant use restream...
  6. A

    Question / Help I want chat overlay on my screen

    I use single monitor for stream Twitch. I found ‘Kapps’ overlay app, but I dont know how works it. Is it dosent work w not English? I’m Korean and streaming games on Twitch by Korean language. plz help me how to use this chat overlay on my screen.