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    OBS(As Admin) Can't capture specific window game capture(As admin as well)

    Application in question is VTube Studio Both OBS and VTube Studio running as admin, OBS captures the first frame of VTube Studio when it's launched(Loading screen) and first frame it captures is just frozen in place If OBS is launched as admin and Vtube Studio without admin, OBS captures it just...
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    Blackscreen Game Capture

    OBS seems to be having troubles again after I seemingly solved my original blackscreen issue. After some struggle, what solved my issue before was just updating it. But now, I am still running the latest version, and nothing but a black screen shows for my gameplay. Or even sometimes, just a...
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    I Can't Capture Vulkan Games / I Can No Longer Hook Vulkan Games (I could but now I can't)

    I usually use OBS for Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan API. But recently, after I installed R6Analyst I can't use game capture and even window capture to capture Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. I instantly uninstall R6Analyst to see if it was the problem. Turns out the problem persisted. My OBS still can't...