capture specific window

  1. O

    Drop in fps in the game when OBS "detects" Minecraft, just by detecting the game window the fps drops by around 60fps +-. Help!

    I'm only experiencing a big drop in fps in the game Minecraft, in the other games everything is normal. When I open the game it is at about 160 fps +-, when I just open OBS without detecting any window it is still working normally, but when OBS detects the Minecraft window (Both in "capture any...
  2. KamodaDakota

    Can't record games in windows size

    So I tried to record game footages in full screen mode with games in full screen it worked perfectly. However, if I tried to record windows-sized games in capture-specific-window mode, it just shows a black screen with audio recorded only. What is the reason behind this and how to solve this...
  3. X

    Question / Help Game capture fails to capture Optifine Minecraft

    I can use Game capture for any other game and any version of Minecraft, it only fails to capture minecraft when I try to capture while using an optifine version. I have been going through the option of specific screen capturing and also tried capture all fullscreen programs, but nothing worked...
  4. Alexander369

    Question / Help Game Capture: Capture Specific Window: Game is not being captured.

    So, I've been trying to do a capture specific window recording on this old 2003 game, and I can't figure out why OBS can't record it in "capture specific window" mode. I don't need an immediate fix to the problem, I just want to know what exactly the problem is. The game is called Moon...