capture audio only

  1. X

    Alternatives for Audio Application Capture

    Hey, so i have the problem that i like to listen to music which i dont want to have captured on stream. Audio Application Capture ends up distorting the audio for the stream after about 30 min. Tried to fix it for weeks with a lot of stuff and after reinstalling windows and trying a wide...
  2. M

    Turn off video-picture, but let the source's audio run in a scene? Only audio from video!

    Is it possible to turn off the picture of a video source, but still let the audio hearable/streamable/recordable of that source? The idea is to save resources due to disabled video processing. Is this possible?
  3. W

    Game sound capture for pre-recorded games

    Good afternoon everyone, This may sound like a silly question, but I am a complete beginner at this, and I need a helping hand. I have recently started to learn to edit videos for my YouTube channel, but I am having an issue with trying to capture the game sound only and retain my voice audio...
  4. Y

    I cannot get ANY sound from Capture Card! Help!!!!!

    I’m using that one cheap capture card everybody knows about, and just a couple days ago it was working perfectly, but now I can’t get any sound. I’m plugging the capture card into my laptop, HDMI into the card and into an HDMI splitter going also to my monitor but coming from my Wii U. Is there...
  5. D

    Question / Help Audio desync after switching scenes

    been streaming for about a year now, and i go between two different setups depending on the day of the week. my "mobile setup" consists of my laptop, and a "stream slave" pc, which is just an ITX pc, using an Avermedia capture card in the PCI slot. essentially, how my setup works is as image...
  6. KateLibC

    Question / Help Issues with audio cutting out from HDMI capture during stream

    I am running the most recent version of OBS (25.0.8) for macOS and am running into an unusual problem where the audio from my USB 3.0 HDMI capture device (AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra) just simply cuts out at some point while streaming. To make matters more bizarre is that the audio mixer show...
  7. P

    Question / Help No sound getting to my streaming pc via HDMI with Elgato capture card

    Hello. I've been having trouble with my capture device sending audio to my streaming PC. I have it set up as this: capture card is in my streaming PC, HDMI cord going from Gaming pc gpu to capture card IN port, I have my elgato card functioning as a third screen for my gaming pc and it will show...
  8. S

    Bug Report capture audio only is no longer working for my capture card

    When OBS updated to 23.2.1, it seemed to have fixed the capture audio only setting problem with my Extremecap U3. When I opened up OBS to do more recording, capture audio only quit working again. Gameplay audio comes through fine if I use directsound or waveout, but the quality is terrible...