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    Black Bars Problem while my monitors is 1920x1080 as well as my setting still it doesnt work.

    I have a big problem for a lot of time here with obs as well as other streaming programs the same one. Every time i stream i see black bars left and right of my scream in trovo or twitch. My monitor size is 1920x1080p so i set the base and output resolotion both to 1920x1080p so that must have...
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    Question / Help obs stuck at 0kbs can't stream need help asap

    when i press start streaming it works then the network drops to 0 kbs and my stream goes offline on twitch. ive been streaming for about a week with no problems and then i updated obs and the problem arises i dont know if its obs or not but i need some help...
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    Question / Help Can't stream or record with obs

    No matter what I do I can't stream or record any games using OBS. I have tried so many things such as changing bitrate, using cpu to stream, using gpu, 720p, 1080p, 60fps, 30fps no matter what I change the streams always choppy and nothing changes. These are my specs...
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    Question / Help Obs Failed to Connect to Server (Youtube Streamer)

    I cant stream on obs studio anymore this error keeps on showing up, I tried to install and uninstall, reset router and computer, watch all the guides from binding IP and stuff, also disabling IPv6 but still nothing really works. Attached is my log, pls kindly help me, if you know what to do. I...