camera issue

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    Camera not showing in OBS

    Hello guys, so i just moved out and finally got to put my setup nicely. I've been used to stream with a hdmi video capture and a Lumix G7 for my camera. But since yesterday (and it has never happened to me before) , i just have nothing showing up in the properties window when i try to add my...
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    My camera lags once i starts streaming, any fix to it please?

    Hi, I've realised an issue recently with my camera, when I hook up my elgato and start streaming with the camera on, it seems to make my camera lag a lot with like frames freezing here and there? But once I take off my elgato usb from the pc, the camera seems to work perfectly fine? could anyone...
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    Tearing issues on stream

    I stream on TikTok and Twitch simultaneously and have frequent tearing on both of my two cameras. Below I am putting my logs, I see capture and encoding issues but I am not sure what the issue is that would be causing the constant camera issues. Any input is SUPER appreciated as I'm struggling...
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    Camera on OBS Studio stuttering when I open Valorant

    So I use an hd60 pro as my video capture device and whenever I have obs open, my camera completely stutters and it won't fix itself unless I close Valorant (doesn't have to be recording/streaming). I've tried other games and it never happens on them, only the moment valorants menu pops up. It's...
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    My webcam recognized like USB-device

    I purchase Razer Kiyo, but OBS see this cam like "USB-device". Other people in window "Device" has a name of this cam. I mean, they can change "Razer Kiyo". In my case only "USB-deivice". I install last drivers from official site Razer, but that doesn't help. Reinstalling Windows 10 doesn't...
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    Camera only works in 1 scene collection

    I've only recently started running into this problem. My main camera only works in 1 scene collection, not in any others. I've tried using a blank collection for issues like this in the past (switch to the blank between collections) but it hasn't helped as of late. I've tried removing the...