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  1. J

    Help! Mic Input Turns off Randomly in OBS

    Please help, I've been tearing my hair out for the past few weeks trying to fix this. I've got a Cam Link running my DSLR as a webcam in OBS, which is working great. My Shure MV7 mic is also plugged into the PC for audio, which also works great... Until the mic input randomly goes dead in OBS...
  2. L

    Problem with OBS & Sony camera! Help!

    Major Camera Latency/Buffering Issue Help! I’ve been trying to solve this issue the past few days. It’s been driving me nuts! So, I’m running a Sony A6000 as a video capture device and it has buffer/latency/lag. But not any normal lag like the one you change your audio a few ms forward or...
  3. M

    Question / Help video capture device

    Hello. I'm muddling my way through! I've successfully used OBS to live-stream previously. However, currently, I cannot see my video source. I have a black screen. If I choose my internal Mac camera as a source, it works fine. If my iPhone is hooked up, I see that as well. However, I cannot...
  4. P

    Question / Help Schwarze rändern von der Kamera entferne

    wie kann ich diese quelle zuschneiden?
  5. KressKill

    Question / Help Hey I can't figure out how to lose these black left and right borders on my facecam.

    The borders aren't there on my camera's monitor. Only on OBS. I'm using a Cam Link 4K. Any tips?
  6. K

    Question / Help Cam Link isn't working right in OBS (Works fine on other programs)

    So, I have my Cam Link hooked up to a Canon T6i. I get a clean feed and everything. But when I use it in OBS, I get this weird wavy effect whenever I move. If I'm staying still, the image looks fine. But if I move, it looks like the picture I'm including with this post. I don't know if my...