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  1. V

    Video capture glitching on Mac OS while recording

    Hello, Yesterday, I noticed the video glitching when recording on my Mac desktop. This hadn't happened before, so I thought it was potentially related to an OBS software and/or macOS update that I needed. So I updated both my Mac OS and OBS to the latest versions, which I'm running now. (I...
  2. P

    Sony A5100 blurry on Warzone stream

    ok, so when I live stream normally ( for example just my face cam or face cam and google chrome ) i think my quality looks good since I'm using a Sony a5100 into a cam link, now when i start to stream video games like warzone, i notice my camera quality kind of looks more like a logi webcam then...
  3. W

    OBS recording with Canon EOS R and cam link 4k image quality

    Hello dear forum, I would like to record videos with OBS. But unfortunately, the image quality of the output videos never matches the image quality of the camera. No matter how much I look around in the settings of OBS or the capture device, the quality just doesn't get better or reach the...
  4. PotationRotationTV

    Vocals Out of Sync

    Let me start by listing what I have: ASUS ROG laptop GL552VW Panasonic Lumix G7 digital camera Elgato Cam Link 4K Elgato HD60 S Blue Yeti Blackout Various gaming systems Headphones Samsung 4K HDTV I have the Lumix G7 connected to the ROG via the Elgato Cam Link 4K. I have the Yeti connected to...