1. C

    Unhandled exception: c0000005

    My format used to record is MKV after I checked the option remux to mp4 and close OBS it crashes.
  2. UpDownLeftDie

    OBS crashing all the time from RTSP sources?

    I have a 24/7 stream with 4 IP cameras as media sources that use RTSP to stream to OBS. Sometimes their connection drops out, and I think this causes OBS to crash somehow. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes it just keeps happening after I restart OBS. Around half the time, I don't...
  3. szkupek

    OBS crash with Avermedia Live Streamer BU113

    Hello Recently I bought mentioned Avermedia BU113 and try streaming. Unfortunately without success, obs constantly crashes after switching between scenes, ramdomly while streaming and I can do nothing with it. Earlier I streamed with DroidCam OBS plugin which allow to make webcam from my phone...
  4. EroNelly

    OBS Crashes when i Updated and Closes it. It

    Help me, its like it all started my OBS updated one day and it crashed. so i tried skip the update but when i close it, it crashed. But i can still stream. Im kinda worry if i keep using outdated OBS might ruin it. So did i do something wrong? HEre is my crash reports.
  5. A

    getting error when closing OBS code: c0000005

    obs is crashing when i close it after stream . crash reports are attached. need help :(
  6. R

    OBS Crash continuous

    Please Help. The crash logs its the same error c0000005, I open the obs app and crash, I start stream and crash. I already reinstall the app and the same error, drivers updated. I don't know what I have to do to resolve the crashing, I already learn the threads lookin for a answer, but nothing...
  7. Z

    unhandled exception. c0000005

  8. L


    Olá pessoal, abro meu OBS, e as vezes do nada ele crasha e da esse erro Exceção não tratada: c0000005 Data / hora: 2021-10-04, 18:46:35 Endereço da falha: 7FFC718A9E4B (c: \ arquivos de programas \ obs-studio \ data \ obs-plugins \ win-dshow \ obs-virtualcam-module64.dll) versão libobs: 27.1.3...
  9. S

    obs crash

    Please understand that I use a translator because I am not good at English. When I use OBS, I'm using it well because the broadcast and the recording went well. However, when you attempt to change the font in text source, the attached file window appears and crashes. Please help me.