bug games captures black screen

  1. G

    Screen recordings randomly not working

    So my screen recordings stop working randomly, I made about 4 test recording before recording a vid, all 4 test worked and the vid was me talking but there was a black screen. I thought maybe it was the duration of the clips that had something to do with it as my test recordings were only about...
  2. Arzolath

    Bug Report: Black Capture on VTuber Plus

    Hello, Since OBS 27 came out, my customers have been having capture issues with my software VTuber Plus. The issue where the capture screen is simply black, occures randomly and most of the time, running OBS as administrator or restarting the PC fixes it but sometimes people have no choice but...
  3. E

    OBS Black Screen when recording??

    Hello! I am new to using OBS and I looked up some tutorials on how to use obs. I pretty much used them to only change my bit rate so I have less lag and more fps. For some reason no matter what encoder I use, I get a black screen when recording. Everything runs the same except the black screen...
  4. W

    BUG games captures OBS 26.0.0

    Hello, I suddenly had a problem the games captures stop working i don't know why i have just a orange square in the left top corner and my games are not display anymore. I tried many solutions but no one worked... What i tried : Uninstall OBS and reinstall, Install the latest version (25.0.8)...