1. S

    microphone is recording without an audio input source

    this "bug" started when i updated obs to version 26 i notice this when im i recorded a game but i could hear my voice i didnt change anything to the setting before i updated obs i also use voicemeeter banana to control audio but it was working fine in the previous version of obs i dont know what...
  2. microbox6

    Question / Help OBS losing frames because is not using all the bandwith

    Hello everyone, thanks for read me. I want to share a problem I just realize I had over year and a half with OBS Studio 23.2.1 and behind... With the last and current version of OBS Studio, I can't surpass the 2000 Kbps of bitrate without drastically losing frames. But here's the thing, it only...
  3. 4

    Question / Help OBS is recording my video in shorter recordings

    Whenever I record OBS, it records my video, which would be around 20 minutes, but cuts and then picks up on another recording. I have this Scene Transition set to a low amount of milliseconds, would that affect it? I can't share a log because I have five different logs. Can somebody help me?
  4. C

    Question / Help Laggy Recording, even with high end Hardware

    Hey everyone, I use OBS to capture and stream gaming content (not both at the same time). I want to record at high quality settings, because..... why not (my Hardware should be powerful enough). I want 1080p 60 fps capture without having bad picture quality. I used many different settings (cbr...
  5. L

    API BUG: Create an invisible duplicated source leaks one frame on creation

    Hi, I was fiddling with the OBS API to duplicate sources on-the-fly and found a bug. Or maybe I'm not doing it right. With a plugin I just create a duplicated source from a webcam and at the moment of creation I set the source invisible. The problem is that some times the source leaks one...
  6. P

    Question / Help when idling cpu usage is 22%-35%

    so with no game capture or screen capture anything like that on, my obs is idling at those %'s and i can't stream because my cpu usage rockets to 90%+ when i open a game and start to stream. need to find out why its idling soo high? especially when im streaming through my gpu using nvenc. these...