browser sources

  1. AshMarks

    Browser source interact keyboard shortcut

    It'd be great to have the ability to toggle a specific browser source interact dialougue with a keyboard shortcut, I often use browser sources for things like wheel spinning websites, where you need to click in the page, but want to have the background chroma keyed out so it's transparent.
  2. I3lacklabel

    Browser sources and alerts ALWAYS CRASHING

    Hey guys, I have officially gave up on trying to find a answer to my problem as it appears i am the only one in the world having these issues... My problem is this... When I am running a live stream and I am tabbed onto my game, when people activate my alerts for bits, follows subs, they do...
  3. WindyJMusic

    OBS Doesn't Unload Sources when switching between Scene Collections

    Hello, This has been happening for a long time, but when I switch from one Scene Collection to another, it doesn't unload the sources from the first scene collection from memory. There are two things that impacts that I have seen so far; 1) When I go to add a source to a scene in the 2nd Scene...
  4. Ik1497

    Is it possible to use Browser Source's with geolocation API?

    I was working on a weather widget and I was trying to use the geolocation API to make it easier for the user, but there doesn't seem to be a popup for allowing geolocation in OBS, is this intended? It would be nice if there was a popup for this like when using `alert()`