browser based overlay

  1. FreakSheep

    HTML Based function

    Hello i have a small issue im working on a HTML based function that needs the rights to use youre mic so this means you need to hit allow the issue here is when implementing it as a browser source it wont show because the browser source doesnt shot the Domain (URL) part are there any ways to...
  2. andrecoste

    Free (With Signup) Basket Score: real-time scoreboard for your live sports streaming

    Basket Score is a new platform that allows you to make professional live streaming by creating a custom board that shows all the information about the game in real time. Thanks to this tool it is possible to score points, fouls, timeouts and quarters of the game, so as to make the viewer’s...
  3. rafinzeraa

    Browser fonts crashing

    Hi, I've recently been facing an issue where my browser's fonts are very laggy at certain times, I've noticed that whenever I add something to the Twitch chat or activity panel, the font overlays start to freeze, I've noticed this from time to time, even in older versions of obs the same thing...
  4. N

    OBS Gui Broken after latest update (27.2.1)

    Hello I updated obs yesterday and gui broke, twitch boxes are white, some sources turned invisible and canť interact with browsers properly (blank screen). Tried restarting obs, pc, and creating new overlays. Log:
  5. propz

    CPU usage: Browser source better than local file?

    Hello there, I'm trying to optimize my cpu load (older cpu) while streaming. I watched some videos where they say, that it's better to use browser sources instead of local files. But how does that make sense? The browser source must be rendered like everything else right? Or is it about...
  6. StreamerEdu

    Free Customizable text animations from a browser source

    Hey OBS-ers, I've created a customizable text animation tool that allows you to have animated text overlays in OBS Studio using a browser source. It's easily configured by filling out an online form and putting the generated URL into a browser source. Just some of the options you can configure...
  7. cgc_dan

    Non-OBS Script Overlay - FX Overlay Frame DX4 v1

    About FX Overlay DX4 Visually enhance your live stream with a cool full screen overlay. Your viewers will be impressed and have the opportunity to follow your social posts Custom browser based overlay Browser based overlay Editable texts full screen Video Capture Device frame 1 frame lower...