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    Question / Help cant record on Buestacks

    i can't record ANYTHING with OBS on Bluestacks because it will just show a blue screen (i use game capture). will there be a difference if i use Display cap? log file - this is what happens when i try to record with OBS using game cap.
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    Question / Help Recommendations to Improve my Recordings

    The image on top is my PC's specs. I am trying to record in OBS while playing in Bluestacks. The problem is that I'm losing significant frames. What can I do to improve on them? Below is my OBS Settings Thanks in advance!
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    Question / Help OBS video output quality is not as good as the Bluestack game window. Need some help understanding how to improve video quality.

    I have been trying to record this game with OBS from Bluestacks. I checked a couple of videos to learn about video settings but the output video still isn't nearly as good as the main game in Bluestacks. I uploaded a screenshot with the Bluestacks game (on the right) and the obs output (on the...
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    Question / Help Possible to run OBS with a streaming app?

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a redundant post in the wrong forum. I'm the new girl ^^; . I'm looking to stream on an app using OBS's webcam/screen share function. I seem to be running into two different issues, as this is my first time tinkering with someone of this magnitude. The app is only...