black screen long term streaming

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    GPU Seems to Fail at Random Only While Live

    Log: Might be a long shot, but I have a very specific issue that's bubbled up for a while and gotten much worse in the past couple months. I typically stream indie games with VTube Studio or Veadotube Mini running in place of a webcam. Everything...
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    Question / Help Fix Black Screen - AMD Radeon

    I've tried so many ways, to fix black screen on my OBS. In AMD radeon settings they said to change 'system' - 'switchable graphics' - then choose 'power saving' since the OBS will be blackscreen if it still in 'high performance'. I've changed it to 'power saving' but when I launch OBS it...
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    Question / Help Black Screen after a night of streaming

    Here's the logs: I have a stream running 24/7 showing a camera feed. Every morning, though, I find OBS with a black screen. The (YouTube) stream is running, but there are about 3 hours of blackness visible (complete blackness, no dark camera image) and I have to...