1. StreamPanel

    Apple Silicon M1 (in new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) is not "blazing fast" in OBS

    Apparently, this CPU is "blazing fast" when it comes to many tasks, but for some reason, it just absolutely blows for streaming (even as a dedicated streaming computer). This thing cannot even do 720p60 on fast. Thats pathetic since even my 4790k (which scores like less than half as this CPU)...
  2. M

    OBS 1 fps and 15 second video becomes an 8 minute video

    When i record a 15 second video it becomes 1 fps and it turns into a long 8-20 minute video my specs are Intel core 13 4gb ran And i am using windows 10 home
  3. P

    OBS framerate spikes.

    About a year ago I used OBS to record Minecraft it would record well at 1080p 60 with shaders and everything on full. I tried again to record some Minecraft recently and it was really bad. I tried 720p 30 with bitrate set to 1000 and CPU on ultrafast and it had huge lags. I was getting around 1...
  4. B

    Question / Help Help my stream settings really good but it looks really bad still

    So, i use high stream settings but youtube stream still looks horrible to watch. any suggestions on what to do. Current OBS settings: Output- NVENC (new) Rate control-CBR Bitrate-23000 Keyframe-2 Preset-Quality Profile-High Lookahead-Off Pshyco visual tuning-ON Gpu-0 Max b-frames-2. Heres an...
  5. R

    Question / Help Troubleshoots OBS Video

    Yo guys ! I'm using OBS Studio to record some videos... But when i record a video, the video quality is sometimes very, VERY bad... (here is a footage -> [At the start of the video, the video quality is very bad, and at the end, it's the normal video quality) I'm...
  6. L

    Question / Help Stream lagging when minimize game

    Hi guys, when i stream League of Legends (Windows Capture)(LoL is on Bordless) and i minimize it start to lagging on stream. Upload speed 28.25 Mbps, Im using cam, windows capture and browser capture (if someone follow me) intel i5-6400 /2.7g/6mb PowerColor -POWER C AXRX This happens only on...
  7. P

    Question / Help Hello my dudes. Bad quality on stream :)

    So my PC Specs: GeForce 1060 6GB Intel i7 7700K 8 GB Ram DDR4 x1 What ever. Sooooooo, when im streaming my quality is bad, even while recording, and i don't know why. Here's a vod of the stream. Im streaming on...