background noise

  1. T

    Filter mechanism other than Noise Gate.

    Apologies if this is not the right place to ask raw newbie questions, please redirect me if needed. Full disclosure: I'm not a sound engineer, am brand new to OBS. Use case: Worship Online from Church. Set up: Using OBS to take in two video feeds (cell phone cameras, no audio), Yeti Microphone...
  2. R

    White noise while talking

    Hi y'all! So, I put on sound suppresion filter and it's great when im not talking, but when I say something if there's no music or background sounds it makes a really noisy white noise. Any filter or something like that that it removes this when talking? Thanks!
  3. N

    How to Remove White Noise without Noise Suppression

    If I don't enable REAGate, my microphone starts picking up random sounds from my surroundings. Though, my problem is, if I disable Noise Suppression, there is a strong white noise in the background when I am speaking. When I enable it, though, my voice sounds muffled and a bit robotic. Do you...
  4. Ronald Cz

    Question / Help Background noise

    I have one scene with an image, one other scene with that same image and an audio input with system mic. I see the green bouncing at -40db even though I am not near the mic. On the headphones I hear scratchy noises sounds like bugs. I am using a dynamic but cheap radio shack mic with 1/8...
  5. M

    Question / Help Weird Background Noise When Recording

    So I have been noticing that when I start a recording, I can hear some weird background sounds. I used to have to issue before then it just disappeared and I just ignored it. Now it comes to haunt me again. I would really appreciate the help. ✌ Here is the sample of my recording, my log file...