backgroound noise

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    loud background noise, idk if it is white noise or electronic, i tried using noise compressor but even using the maximum limit there is still noise

    for the example i'm really desperate for a solution, like its not a mic problem because if i use on a different pc there is not that sound in particular, i'm in really low sound occupation room, appart from the pc when its on.
  2. S

    Pc noise not going away

    Hye! I have tried to adjust the filters of Audio Input capture. But the pc noise is not going away. Here is the video : Recorded video from Obs studio I have to explain lectures to students and I want to deliver a crystal clear voice to them. Please help! Regards!
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    OBS making loud noise when recording on a 2020 MacBook Pro

    I had no problem with OBS making noise on my old 2006 MacBook Pro. The noise sounds like a lot of static. The first two weeks, May 1-15, 2021, I had not noise problems during recordings. Now I get a loud back ground noise like static. The computer also gets very hot. I have 16 MB RAM, the best...