auto-configuration wizard

  1. A

    Low framerate and bitrate on output

    I'm new to OBS and just tried a test recording of 3 minutes to see how it works, but the output video had very low bitrate and framerate. When I installed OBS I used the configuration the wizard selected for me and haven't changed any of it. I remember I selected the "60 or 30fps" option on the...
  2. nagib_sy

    Using Auto-Configuration Wizard but still get error

    tools recomended me using setting like this, but when i apply this i cant record because the error. NVEC Error : EncodeAPI Internal Error. (NV_ENC_IRR_INVALID_PARAM) log file : I know that I can use another encoder, because every solution I get...
  3. B

    Auto-Configuration wizard error

    Please help.... I am having issues with my OBS, I have restarted router for internet and it is working fine, I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, I have gone through the settings to find the best one which will have the best quality and still comes up with this error...