audio video sync

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    Recordings have Audio / Video Desync

    Hello, All my game recordings have Audio / Video Desync. The clips start with the delay (not audio drift) and its not a consistent desync so an offset wont work. I mostly use game capture, but when i record gameplay with game or window capture the audio is usually 6-10 frames delayed, but in one...
  2. M

    Audio lag

    I'm having an issue where my audio and video are lagging behind one another, usually, the audio lags behind the video. This is when doing a Skype call via NDI. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy or what settings I can try looking at.
  3. I

    Impossible to sync audio and video due to audio plugins causing targets to randomly move

    I've been trying and failing to sync all my audio (specifically outputs) and video for the past few days. I understand that it's impossible to sync everything 100% (as I'm not using something like Jack Audio that would actually sync the clocks of all these devices), but I'm not even able to keep...