audio sync

  1. D

    Audio drift

    Hello, can someone please suggest a fix for my issue? Using Mac, I record the video (CBR) and a reference track of the audio in OBS, at the same time I record into Reaper on a separate computer. All sample rates are set to 48k, frame rates are 24p. The video and audio I record in OBS stay in...
  2. J

    OBS 26 Virtual Camera Mac Audio Sync Solved!

    Struggling with audio sync and the built-in virtual camera. In reading these forums, it looks like the way people are trying to solve for this is through NDI Tools or virtual cabling. I was leery about introducing another software layer to solve a sync issue so NDI was out. I had Black Hole...
  3. K

    Audio/video sync

    Hello i have a problem with audio and video sync in OBS. I set delay right before the stream but during the stream the audio and video slowly go out of sync. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. B

    Voicemeeter / OBS - Audio Sync Mic & Inputs

    Hello there OBS aficionados, I'm a dance instructor and I have moved from 100% in-person lessons to 100% virtual lessons over the past few months. I have been gradually upgrading my setup: wireless XLR mic, audio interface, DSLR, video capture card, upgraded internet speed (400 MBPS down...
  5. F

    Connecting OBS with Zoom without AV syncing issues

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the 1,000th post about audio and video syncing issues but I have been trying to address them for three days without any luck. I primarily use OBS to capture video from my digital camera to use in video conference calls on Zoom. I do not record or stream. There is a ~500ms...
  6. T

    Bug Report No Properties Visible for Audio Devices

    Hello, I am running the test build of 24.0.3 for Mac, but have verified this happens on the 24.0.2 version for me as well. I am having audio sync issues and I read that disabling the "Use Device Timestamps" feature under the properties of the audio device could fix that. However, when I open...
  7. W

    Question / Help Record multiple gameplays?

    My siblings want to do Minecraft videos and have them edited together like Achievement Hunter, due to budgets they are probably going to have to share mics which whatever. However, I have no idea how to sync and record from multiple screens, especially as I probably will have to use one computer...
  8. MichaelKellam

    Question / Help YouTube audio out of sync after processing

    Hi, We have been streaming with OBS Studio for some time with virtually no problems. A few months ago, we began experiencing an issue where the YouTube audio appears to be in sync while live, but after YouTube processes it, the audio is out of sync. This only affects livestreams on our YouTube...