audio not working

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    Source/Track 2 is out of Synch

    So i have had this problem for a week now. When using multiple tracks, track 2 and on are always out of synch. I completely uninstalled OBS with settings and I still ran into the problem. You can see it below with how it shows up on Premiere Pro
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    Question / Help OBS Desktop Audio Non-Functional

    I've got a rather bizarre problem with OBS Studio 64-bit Windows, where it is failing to detect any sort of audio coming from my headset. I've checked the properties for the audio channel, as well as the advanced audio properties. I'm currently running version 25.0.1. Pay special attention to...
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    Question / Help When using Video Capture Device, the audio is not working.

    I'm trying to capture a VHS with OBS using Elgato Video Capture Device, but neither "Analog Audio in" or "Line" are working/playing in OBS.