audio levels

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    Audio Levels Randomly Maxed Out

    I recently livestreamed on YouTube and it didn't go so well, specifically my audio. I use a Rode Wireless Go II for my audio input, this allows me to get crystal clear consistent audio when looking at the main camera to introduce concepts, as well as when I'm working at the computer and...
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    Default mixer DB level

    Hello guys, I have been going back and forth on this topic for a while and can't find a solution. I am streaming dj sets live daily and wondering why isn't it possible to change the volume range and the color scheme accordingly. The current (default) volume range is way too low for music...
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    Question / Help Inconsistent Audio NDI Source

    In a recent video I did with my brother via Skype, I noticed the audio levels of my brother's feed (via NDI) fluctuates between when we in on screen by himself and when we have a split screen. Any reason as to why this happens?