audio input capture

  1. Larry-Boy

    Audio randomly getting out of sync during a recording session.

    Hello! First time on the forum, we’re having a randomly occurring issue where mid-recording, the audio will get out of sync. The audio mixer shows it during the session as well. Everything’s up-to-date. Is there a particular setting that might fix this issue?? Here’s the setup: -PC is running...
  2. R

    A problem with my soundboard

    I have an external soundboard called "dcsb" and I have it routed through voicemeeter to my microphone audio input in obs. But since I hear it too, it also gets picked up the desktop audio capture, and I don't want that. Is there a way for me to have obs ignore a specific program even though I...
  3. S

    Audio output and input coming in one source

    My mic/aux and music that I play on my computer for background music for stream is all coming in one source. I want to decrease the music ( that I play on my computer) volume to half or less so that viewers can hear what I say but since both sources are going to the same place I am not able to...
  4. A

    Question / Help USB Audio In / Helix

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a livestream where some of the audio would come directly from a Helix unit via usb. I've seen info that OBS doesn't like anything other than stereo audio and I think that's what the problem is. But - I can see and hear the Helix working in my system audio. And when I add...
  5. Sam Drumz

    Question / Help OBS Studio Audio Input Capture Not Detecting Audio From Presonus FireStudio

    I installed OBS Studio about two days ago and I connected my Presonus RM32AI to my MacBook Pro 15". I then created a scene and added audio input capture as a source. I got sound the first time, but after running into a few issues I ended up deleting the scene and starting again. The second time...
  6. TheXyPod

    Question / Help Audio Input Capture Has No Audio

    Hey All, I recently took a break from streaming, and when I went to go live tonight, I have run into a problem tonight that has me pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. My audio from my sound card box is just not getting through to OBS. I add a Audio Input Capture, select my input, and...