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    Question / Help Weird artifacts only on game capture

    Basically what the title says, those artifacts only appear on game capture and only on CSGO. I've tried using display capture and it does work, but i get a massive fps drop and it gets unplayable. Any help?
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    Question / Help Pixely/Blocky c920 Footage in High Motion Sections of Stream

    First and foremost, thank you to anyone who can offer assistance. Problem: While streaming, my c920 camera gets super pixely/blocky in high motion moments. The game Path of Exile, aRPG, looks fine, just seems to be camera quality. My rig isn't anything amazing, and I'm in a position to...
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    Question / Help Artifacts when recording with nvenc_hevc

    When recording with nvenc_hevc I have noticed that the video has artifacts in it and it's really bad. Is there a way to fix this? I record at 240fps because I want the gameplay to be much smoother, could this be causing problems? Also, I use FFmpeg for custom output EDIT: This is not a troll, I...