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    Macbook Catalina & Android Phone

    Idk how to connect my sound game from my android phone. I tried to stream on fb with my macbook using obs, but viewers says they cant hear the game sound. Please help me to fix it. Im new to obs.
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    Free LioranBoard Stream Deck/Animator 1.43

    Main Download link Mirror Read Me Patch Note List of commands Unofficial LioranBoard Documentation LioranBoard Discord Server What is LioranBoard? LioranBoard is a completely free and fully customizable stream deck, which can be used both on PC and Android devices. It can control OBS (OBS...
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    Bug Report Issue seeing comments while streaming with OBS to Periscooe

    It has been an ongoing problem for over a month while using OBS to stream my broadcast on Periscope. People using Android devices are having issues seeing comments during live broadcast. We thought it was a Periscope issue, but after running a few test broadcasts we see that the issue only...