1. H

    Alerts freezing inconsistently

    Hello! The last few weeks I had a problem with my alerts in obs. I use Tipeeestream's Alert Box V2 widget and implement them through a browser source. My problem is, that the alerts freeze most of the time, but not always at the same time, sometimes they run smoothely without freezing at all...
  2. T

    Audio Drops Out When Alertbox Sound is triggered

    Hi everyone, I've had this problem before and spent hours trying to resolve it, only for it to randomly fix itself with no explanation. Pretty much what happens is when a sound plays from the browser source (Streamlabs alertbox), the microphone signal completely cuts out and OBS disconnects...
  3. SN_Teddy

    How do i get a alert box in streamelements?

    do any one know how i can get this??