1. P

    OBS NDI Static Image

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this and the tech I'm working with seems a bit above my level, so I doubt I'll be describing things right. BUT I've done all I can think of. My end goal is to stream a character using Adobe Character Animator with a transparent background to OBS. I've...
  2. S_A_U_Z

    Can I Force Flash support?

    Not an error afaik, so I felt no need to share a log file. Hello, I've been using an older version of OBS because many of my stream assets were made in flash, but I had forgotten that, and decided to update. New OBS is admittedly quite nice (I really love the folders for my sources), and I'd...
  3. A

    mp4 Multiple Audio Tracks import to Premiere Pro not working

    Yeah, what the title says. Not exactly sure whats happening, but i'm 100% sure that all the tracks are set correctly to be recorded separately. Like I'll play the different audio streams on PotPlayer and can hear them all solo. But when I import the mp4 file to premiere, i'll only see the...
  4. F

    Question / Help Help with multiple audio channels when importing to Adobe Premiere

    This is my first post here to start. A friend and I are trying to record some gameplay and we each have a lavalier mic. When ingesting the video file (MOV) into Premiere, there are multiple audio tracks but they are all the same, the mics and the game audio flattened into one track. We are both...