64 bit

  1. O

    No Desktop Audio in Recording

    When I record, in the Sound-mixer it shows a audio signal. But in the Record I don't hear the desktop Audio. When you want i can send a screenshot from my settings. sorry for my bad english:)
  2. BOON

    Question / Help Obs drops in quality while recording (Makes me pull my hair out!)

    Hello, I noticed while recording Obs brings down the image quality when recording fast-paced gameplay. I'm trying to figure out the cause for it is. I tried doing everything from recording in Lossless to ensure that the quality stays consistent but nothing seems to work. I have also attached an...
  3. K

    Question / Help Failed to connect to server, only on youtube.

    At start, sorry for my bad English. I can't stream on youtube. When I trying to start stream on twitch it's working. I have looked through many guides and solutions but nothing helped me. I tried to disable the firewall. I tried every possible option in bind to IP. I tried to restarting stream...
  4. M

    Question / Help Game at max FPS while recording capped at 10 FPS - Need help!

    I was able to record footage with OBS Studio before. I have no idea if it was because I added more RAM to my system, but I was able to record footage just fine, even with a facecam. This was 11/01/2018. Added more RAM 12/18/2018 total 32 GB was 16 GB Now today, 12/27/2018 The same game and...
  5. T

    Question / Help Required module function 'obs_module_load' in module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/libcef.dll' not found

    Hello from Paris France Here is the latest log from OBS studio - Seems to have a routing issue has the "missing" files are present indeed in the folder Can you help ? log file is here: https://hastebin.com/awuwejefaj extract 16:01:44.879: Required module function 'obs_module_load' in module...
  6. T

    Question / Help OBS crashing after 10-15 minutes

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to identify cause of my recent OBS crashed on Windows 10 x 64 bit version Logs : https://pastebin.com/np57dYLb Crashlog : https://pastebin.com/1T3dsgFj Most of my specs : http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8151497 It started happening after I updated my BIOS.