1. Zolja007

    AOM AV1 Mac M1 & M2 OBS

    Just wondering if this will be up and running anytime soon? I tried it out, I was able to do 1080p60 and it worked Ok, some frames loss (30 after 1hr). But when I tried doing 4k60 lol 95% "skipped frames due to encoding lag"
  2. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Recommended settings for better quality?

    Good evening, all. Can anyone help recommend the best setting for my setup to achieve higher quality recordings? My capture preview seems to drop frames and stutter in the preview window and these things end up in the recordings as well. I've spent many, many hours watching YouTube videos and...
  3. S

    Some help adjusting settings for 4K recording?

    I have a 4K monitor and a Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card, and I don't actually even want to record. I just want to enable my replay buffer for 2 minutes in case anything cool happens. The problem is that when I enable it (or even have OBS open), I get a crazy framerate drop. I thought sure, I...
  4. JasonVP

    Question / Help NDI and 4K: Stuttering

    Hey folks - I need some help and/or suggestions here. Suggestions other than: "stop playing in 4K", please. :-) I've already attached the log files from both the gaming rig and the streaming rig. Their names should give them away. The Problem: Gaming PC with 2 Titan X Pascal GPUs that are...