1. bryce_griffin

    Question / Help OBS Studio 24.0.2 crashes on startup

    Hello all, I updated OBS Studio 32-bit to 24.0.2 and have immediately run into a problem where the program crashes on startup. OBS 64-bit reports "Failed to Initialize Video." I had no issues whatsoever before updating. I tried updating my GeForce GTX 1070 to address this issue, but this did...
  2. L

    Question / Help Does Elgato HD60 & PS4 Only Work with 32Bit OBS Studio?

    Hey Everybody, I've been using an Elgato HD60 to video capture gameplay from my PS4 and streaming through 32 bit OBS Studio for about 6 months now. For some reason I cannot get the 64 bit version of OBS to recognize my Elgato and display gameplay.... Anybody else running in to this issue? Any...