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    OBS 28.0.0 & 28.0.1 AMD AMF problem (AMD Ryzen 7 5700G iGPU)

    Hi all, With old obs, I was using the iGPU in my AMD 5700G to handle recording in h265 while playing on my geforce rtx 3060 ti. I updated to 28.0.1 and found my AMD AMF encoder completely missing. I have updated to 28.0.1. And the AMD AMF encoder is still missing. Here is an extract from my...
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    Making game fullscreen Makes the game dimmer in obs

    Whenever i try to launch Destiny 2 while not tabbed into the game and just being displayed without tabbing in, it is at normal brightness levels on obs. But when i tab in it seems to visibly go about 30% darker/dimmer. This issue only began when i installed the new 28.01 update. I highly...