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    OBS Video Stuttering and Low CPU Usage

    Specs: r7 2700x stock clock speeds & Wraith RGB cooler gtx 1080 ftw2 w/ a slight overclock (+300mhz memory, +90mhz gpu, 120% power) 2x16gb g.skill trident z @ 2133mhz (haven't gotten around to adjusting it) Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming Mobo 256gb M.2 NVME SSD 2TB 7200 rpm HDD (being recorded to)...
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    60FPS stream stuttering with 165Hz gameplay

    Hi there. I'm sure there is a straight forward answer to this, but I can't find one anywhere online. Essentially, I have a 165Hz monitor, and so play all my games in 150+ FPS. When I stream in 60FPS, there is visible stuttering on the stream output (the game runs fine for me though). However...