100% gpu

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    Estoy presentando problemas de ALTO GPU hasta llegar a 100% con NVIDIA NVENC

    Sucede que el dia de ayer formatee mi pc desde 0 , anteriomente ya habia realizado streams en twitch y todo me iba fenomenal con la misma configuracion todo tal cual como la tengo ahora , ya realice la misma instalación de drivers de Nvidia y etc los juegos me van bien sin stream pero al momento...
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    Question / Help Two different GPU PC lagging obs on 99%

    Hello all! My PC config: Motherboard: OG-STRIX-X299-E-GAMING Ram: 64 giga DDR4 hyperx CPU: Intel 7820X GPU0: EVGA 1060 GTX SSC GPU1: MSI 1050 TI Monitors: 3 Settings monitors: First monitor connected to 1060 (GPU0) Second and third monitors connected to 1050 (GPU1) My problem: If i playing...
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    Question / Help OBS pegs GPU just being open

    I've been trying to record minecraft game play, but OBS is only recording about 3-5 fps. I have an egpu which minecraft is using, so it's not competing. When I open GPU History, I can see the internal GPU usage go to 100% as soon as I open OBS and before I even start recording. Is there a...
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    Question / Help 100 % GPU BEING USE

    Hey this has been happening for A while now, whenever I record in OBS 100% GPU is being used im on the latest update of 4/12/19 If i could get some help with this that would be great thank you