YoutubeSubscribers (Python)

Non-OBS Script YoutubeSubscribers (Python) 0.0.3

This is a Python script I put together in order to display information from my Youtuber Subscribers on my stream. The setup that I know this script will work on is Windows 10 with Python v3.5.2 but it should be cross platform although I cannot guarantee that.

The script will update your subscribers every 5 seconds

1. download and install Python
2. get you API key for Youtube v3
3. unzip this file any place you want
4. open in a text editor and put your API Key and Channel ID, and Video ID save it
5. open a command screen and run with: python
6. open your OBS, create a text element and check "get content from file"
7. locate subs.txt (will be in the same dir of and you done!
8. Also you can load views.txt and likes.txt the same way!!!!

If you prefer I have a Java version here:

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  1. Addeed New Functions

    Now with Views and Likes counter!!!
  2. Added error handling

    Added error handling.